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Жара, суббота, Барселона. В понедельник билет Барселона-Прага-Ереван. До встречи в Армении!

UI Cutlery for 3D project- the Concept

The problem to be solved: all the cutlery is decorative, old fashion, too designish or for children. There are no real UI cutlery in existence.
UI means it has an interface, navigation, on-off, and it makes something on the absolutely different level than ordinary cutlery. So it solves NUMBER of problems, not just one.
Some features can be taken from the mobile idea, like themes, sounds, buttons and timers. Some features should be unique for this product. It should do some sort of things that phone can not do.Collapse )

The Final 3 Pieces for my Assignment

 1) Design for the Robinson's Shoes Shop with Logo on the Shopwindow. 
2) Design for the Ladies Shoes Shop and 2 tags to compare (for Robinson's and Robinson's Ladies). Colours pallet  for this project.
 3) Shoebox Design for the Robinson's Shoes Shop with Logo on the side of the box.