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Наталия Абелиан

UI Cutlery for 3D project- the Concept

The problem to be solved: all the cutlery is decorative, old fashion, too designish or for children. There are no real UI cutlery in existence.
UI means it has an interface, navigation, on-off, and it makes something on the absolutely different level than ordinary cutlery. So it solves NUMBER of problems, not just one.
Some features can be taken from the mobile idea, like themes, sounds, buttons and timers. Some features should be unique for this product. It should do some sort of things that phone can not do.

1) First of all - we do not use phone for eating, which is good!
2) We can not get data from the every spoon by phone, we can only input some general data to use the apps
3) We can not make any influence onto our food, using phone.

Let's have a look on those 3 possible ways of development for our product.
It could be cool if:
1) The spoon could analyze my food and prevent me eating dangerous elements (too much non organic ingredients, or real poisons and harmful bacterias)
2} The spoon could count my calories and "bib" when I have enough (depends of programming)
3) The spoon could measure and regulate the temperature of my food (show the temperature and warm or cold the food, according to the program)
4) The spoon could prevent falling or spilling of my food. (can be made by gravitation check app, like we have in our ear)
5) It can test for radiation or for the components you avoid in your diet (gluten or nuts)

The problem of recharging: the spoon can accumulate the energy from the hot food, hot water, hand, or even from the food elements. So your spoon can eat with you. 
The design of this spoon have to allow some buttons and displays to be placed on - so considerably wide. Buttons should be covered during the eating proses. Display should be visible but not annoying.

It can be 3 in one: can became spoon, fork and knife, be deeper and flatter.
Probably hand like? More humanistic, warmer fillings. Can operate like the human hand. It would bring the filing that somebody feed you and care about you. Can be toothbrush and toothpick  after the meal. (ultrasound and infrared treatment).

Voice recognition, voice command.

Nervous spoon - inside electronics is in the shape of nerve.

Attached or mobile connection to the display.
Tags: 3d, cutlery

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